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Candle Fundraising - American Fundraising and their National Patriotic Fundraising Programs

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Candle Fundraising - American Fundraising and their National Patriotic Fundraising Programs


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It is important to us at American Fundraising.com to help you with the success of your fundraising program. In this section we have provided some helpful information and tips to get you started on your successful and patriotic American Fundraising campaign.

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Selling our Patriotic Fund Raising Programs – is easy.
We are all proud of the great country that we live in. Now you have a chance to show your pride in the United States of America by selling items from American Fundraising made by American Businesses. Keep in mind that our Patriotic Gift items are timeless in their appeal and will help you in your efforts to sell them in your community.
It’s Simple:
Be Nice. Remember to say “please” and “thank you” to everyone you are selling to. Some people might say No, if they do, say “thank you for your time” and continue on to the next potential buyer. Don’t be discouraged – your persistence and hard work will pay off.

Be Energetic. Remember why you are selling these products & tell the customers about the cause they will be supporting. They will be more inclined to spend their hard earned money knowing they are contributing to a worthy cause.

Dress Nice & Clean. Wear a uniform, sash, hat, etc. A clean seller makes a happy seller. People are more inclined to buy from someone who looks tidy and not dressed in play clothes.

Remember: Everyone is a potential supporter of your group. Don’t rule anyone out because they are a Company/Business. Reuse your list when the fundraiser is over so you may go back to those customers the following year.

Safety is Key: Be sure not to go alone when going door to door and always tell a parent where, when, and who you are going with.

USA Made: Aside from your special cause this is the biggest feature of our programs and one you will be proud of: “All of our products regardless of which fundraiser you choose are made in the United States of America”.

Not only will people be supporting your organization, they will be supporting their own country.

What an awesome selling feature!
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